FiTech EFI Unit - Fitment Question

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FiTech EFI Unit - Fitment Question

Post by Jeff Rice »

I put an FiTech EFI unit on the race engine.
Was asked if it would fit into an R3 air box.
Good question.

I partially removed the EFI unit and slipped an R3 air box underneath..
Fit pretty well.
Here's a copy of the e-mail I sent back to Bob....
Here's the link to the Photbucket slide show.
Crappy pic's, but the point was installation issues and not photo purity.


Image ... Tech%20EFI


Here's what I found....warts and all.
It fits rather well inside the airbox.

* The GM kickdown linkage tab fits nicely into the pocket that is there.
With a decent thick gasket on there, it will clear.

* On the RHS, there is a tab hanging down (looks like the throttle shaft WOT stop tab.
It does hang down a bit and was holding the baseplate off the floor of the R3 air box.
But I had no gasket at all on there.
It also looks like a little could be trimmed off of the tab without hurting its function.

* The electronics bundle on the bottom center rear of the unit cleard the inside wall of the air box just fine.

* The fuel inlet AN fitting (and the return fitting) both have space issues with the rear two studs
I see two solutions to this problem.
(1) The whole EFI unit could be slid to the rhs just enough to clear the studs.
(2) Custom studs could be made that bowed that portion of the stud away from that vertical plane where the AN fitting(s) go by.
A slight 'S' bend at the bottom and top of the stud would get you the clearance you need.
The stud would need to be installed and jam nut locked on the bottom before the EFI slid in.

In my opinion, this EFI unit is a no brainer improvement over a carb.
Here are some pic's. They are not the greatest, but you get the idea.

I did not completely rip the unit off the race engine as there are some wires bundled and I did not want to take them off.
But it was loose enough to get an idea of fitment.

Hope the info helps.
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Re: FiTech EFI Unit - Fitment Question

Post by RCMAuto »

Thanks Jeff for the pictures and the time to check fitment. From what I understand when using the command center fuel tank kit, You do not need a return line from the FI unit. So that should be able to fix the stud interference.
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