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Team One
Team Two
Team Three

Team One is headed by Ted and Mary Ann Harbit. It's based in Indiana, and is the Team with the longest Studebaker racing history. The history continues.....

Team Two is a partnership between Gentry Zentmeyer and Chip Brunner. It's based in Martinsville, VA. They are currently building a 1953 Studebaker for the La Carrera Panamerican race, but that's not the end......... 

Team Three is headed by Tom Covington. Tom is racing his Avanti, is a budget racer like most of us, and is deadly serious about making his Avanti go fast.....

If you are racing or building a Studebaker racing car or cars, and are interested in getting official recognition for your efforts as an Official Studebaker Performance Team, (as well as some perks on the Official Teams Studebaker web site), please send e-mail to Sonny, via the Feedback Form with details about your Studebaker racing efforts. Thanks in advance.

Also, just a word...

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family, Studebakering people everywhere..... Our teams need your support! They really ARE out there racing their 40+ year old Studebakers and winning! Not only are they winning races, they are popular  ambassadors for our beloved Studebakers.

The easiest way to give them support is to simply attend the events where they are racing their Studebakers. Nothing is so exciting or compares to the unique sound of a Studebaker under full throttle, unless it's TWO of them! Please support Studebaker racing by supporting our dedicated, hard working teams when ever you can. 

Team One started entering the Pure Stock Muscle Car Drags, held in Stanton, Michigan a few years ago, and the event has been a huge success for Team One. The event draws a good number of high performance Studebaker enthusiasts and their cars. PLUS, it has gotten to be a bigger Studebakering event  every year! In fact, here's a little bit of history for the non-team, individual Studebaker owners efforts at the PSMCD.

June 2004 PSMCD Event

From Ted Harbit and Bob Palma.......

"Many Stude friends on hand; at least 50, maybe more. 72 cars registered to compete. The crowd not as big as the traditional fall event to be expected. These Studebakers ran at the drags.

1963 R2/Powershift Avanti: Peter Sant
1963 R1/HD automatic Lark Regal 2-door: John Raab
1963 R2/Powershift GT Hawk: Doug Tjapkes
1963 R1/4-speed Lark Custom 2-door: Richard Poe 

Peter Sant and Doug Tjapkes got their cars into the 14-second bracket. John Raab posted his best ET ever. Richard Poe came whisker-close to finally getting into the 14s, posting a 15.055. He'll get there as soon as he replaces that 3.73 rear axle with a 4.09"

September PSMCD Event

From Ted........

"John Raab from Michigan was there in a '63 Lark that is basically a 289 that he wants to make into an R 1 but only has the cam and still has the dish pistons, etc.  John ran 15.82 @ 87.57 mph. 

Peter Sant from Canada had his beautiful '63 Avanti with AC, etc. Peter DRIVES his Avanti.  I think it was about 500 mile one way for him plus he drives it everywhere he goes (except in the winter I think). 

Peter and Richard Poe were paired in the shootout (Richard has a '63 R 1 Lark four speed) and was probably one of the closest races there.  Peter won one and Richard one so they had to go the to the third race to settle it and Richard won.  Peter's Avanti ran 14.772 @ 94.94 mph to Richards 14.729 @ 93.94 mph.

Richard is from Wisconsin and if you want to see someone shift a four speed, watch Richard!

Doug Tjapkes from Michigan had his '63 R 2 Hawk there and just missed getting into the 14's with a 15.04 @ 93.68 mph.

Bob Johnson from California flew out JUST to watch.  He's a Stude guy from way back. I hope all of you that have an interest in racing can make it sometime as it is a lot of fun with no trophies, money, etc., involved.  Just fun time racing, meeting great people and seeing a LOT of beautiful muscle cars.  If we would lose every race, it would still be a ball (naturally would prefer to win) because everyone is there to have a good time and enjoy the cars and racing."

Thanks again Ted Harbit, Bob Palma and ALL the people who are still racing their Studebakers! I sure appreciate your steadfast determination and promotion of our awesome old cars!


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