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Here's an awesome site where you can learn everything that you ever wanted to know about the VS57 superchargers, used on early Studebakers. Say HI! to Jim for me. VS57.com

My friend, Mike Bostedt's '59 Hawk website http://1959silverhawk.info.se/ 

Mike Bostedt's awesome Studebaker picture archive http://hem.bredband.net/b284654/  

Here's a great Studebaker site, Jet Thrust News.  JTN is intended to provide a link among owners and enthusiasts of the high performance Studebakers (Larks & Hawks) built in 1963 and 1964. http://www.stude.com/JTN/

How about a 6 cylinder Studebaker, Bonneville record holder?!  http://salt2salt.com

You must check out the Western Racing Association, All vintage cars and STILL racing, (Yep there's a Studebaker there too!) 

Wanna see the "Original Slippery Stude"? http://www.rodandcustommagazine.com/featuredvehicles/54700/

Robin Judds Australian Studebaker Racing Co. http://www.studeracing.com.au/

Scotty Cannon's Pro Mod '53 http://www.promodifieds.com/ http://www.ihra.com/news/2004/february/10cannon.htm http://www.dragracingonline.com/analysis/v10_cannon-2.html http://www.dragracecentral.com/DRCStory.asp?ID=%7B9A346256-9168-45DF-872F-C5C30E0CB52C%7D http://www.dragracecentral.com/DRCStory.asp?ID=%7BF147C362-95E7-4821-BD97-9F73CE498322%7D

Bill Clanton, Rome GA - Pro Mod '53 Stude http://www.draglist.com/Danny/kirtsautomotive.htm 

Canadian Al Billes Pro Mod '53 http://www.competitionplus.com/01_15_2003/promod_preview.html

Kapiris Brothers Top Door Slammer Stude http://kapiris.com/

Mike Ashley's '53 Pro Mod Stude http://georgiadragracing.com/photos/gdrphoto/GDR-00196.html http://www.koolpaint.com/portfolio/mikeastude/mikeastude1.htm 

Brett Stevens Racing http://www.brettstevensracing.com/

Unique racing event, "Open Road Racing" in Nevada. Check out the nice Studebaker that races there. http://www.openroadracing.com/

A HUGE Studebaker sites list http://automotive-links.com/mak/stu/stu.htm

Here's a pretty good all brands directory http://karnac.org/links/pages/

Great links in NZ! Don's Auto Pages http://www.donsautopages.co.nz/

An "All cars" site CarJunky.com

Canada POR-15 - Stop rust permanently with POR-15. Wide selection and fast shipping on all POR-15 products.

Here's a great Hot Rod Search Engine! Hot Rodders.Com

AWESOME racing links site! Roadsters.com


Are you into Formula One Racing? Great site.. Pitpass

Get that speedometer fixed! The Speedometer Shop

Cars for sale. USA, Mexico, Central & South America. Free basic listings - Classifieds1000.com

The Drag Racing List - Stats, Stories, Photos, 10,000 Links, Free Photo Classifieds & More!

Racinglab - Auto Performance, Lighting and Accessories

Auctions - Buy or sell almost anything at Auction Fire. No listing fees, free image hosting, and automatic re-list. Sellers may link ads to their own websites.

OG Racing - Important stuff here! Great source for our motorsports safety equipment, plus they're the largest North American distributor for Sparco racing products.  

Wheels of Speed! - Over 10,000 racing links, buy racing tickets or send a Happy Birthday Greeting!

Looking For Adventure? Here's a site with over 5000 of the best links to Motorsports, Travel, Recreation, Sports, Jobs, Schools, Gear and more. 

The Motor Portal - Great source for automotive and motor sports news & information, online shopping for new and used cars, parts, accessories, books and more.

Dragmania - Drag racing multimedia from Australia with thousands of photos and online movies, news, and forums.



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