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General Studebaker Subjects Forums

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For those folks just joining us here for the first time........ 

Basic Forum Information

Thanks for joining us at the Racing Studebakers Open Forums! I hope you will find them interesting, entertaining and informative. You might even find them financially rewarding, as we have a place to buy, sell, swap, give away or find your Studebaker parts and cars.


If this your first experience using forums, you will find that you can be just a visitor, which allows for unlimited viewing in the forum that interests you, or to be able to get full use of that forum, you will be required to register. If you decide to register, you can include minimal information or as much information as possible about yourself. Since this is a great place to find new friends, hopefully you will chose to include as much information as possible.


Some folks feel timid about joining right in, and perhaps you would like to just watch what happens on the forums until you feel comfortable and understand how they work. However, please feel free to just jump right in, ask questions, give opinions, share information, and just plain ol' have a good time, just as soon as you can! Many forum members are experienced and welcome the chance to help and guide new users.


As there are no moderators in the "High Performance Only Forums", we ask that you please do your best to make yours and all others' visit a pleasant experience. Please exercise simple common courtesy, it goes a long way. 


The "General Studebaker Subjects Forums" belongs to the international Studebaker Drivers Club, (is actually located on their website at, http://www.studebakerdriversclub.com ), and has a moderator. Moderation would normally only be applied to keep members on topic, and since it has always been a pleasant place, moderation there has never been any issue.


One note however, and this applies for both forums, subjects concerning politics, religion, lifestyles, governments, etc., tend to cause arguments and strife amongst members and are not welcome under any circumstances.


When ever you're ready, please just click on the link above for the forum of your choice, but above all, ENJOY! 


Thanks again for joining us here!




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