Valve Train Oscillation. (Video)

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Jeff Rice
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Valve Train Oscillation. (Video)

Post by Jeff Rice » 26 Jun 2019, 08:35

Pretty interesting.

Bill Van Alstyne
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Re: Valve Train Oscillation. (Video)

Post by Bill Van Alstyne » 26 Jun 2019, 09:56

So is this something most engine machine shops would be aware of, and try to set up the valve springs accordingly? My guy's in Wisconsin were always checking valve spring strength and heights to make sure they performed at optimum levels with the cams used. Very interesting to watch and learn something new. Bill

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Mike Van Veghten
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Re: Valve Train Oscillation. (Video)

Post by Mike Van Veghten » 26 Jun 2019, 10:29

Crower as I recall did the original build and testing with the Spintron machine. They had cool videos way back when too.

The video says to look at the way the spring moves back and forth, what the hell...they didn't notice the way the valve is moving back and forth (from about half way thru the video)..!? I guess that's a good reason to keep the valve stem as short as possible and still allow the lift required.

Two videos didn't open for me.

Thanks Jeff.


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