Shooting for 200

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Mike Van Veghten
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Shooting for 200

Post by Mike Van Veghten » 25 Jun 2019, 14:37

Found some intake port things I think.

Shooting for over 200cfm at under .500" of valve lift, with similar increase at lower lifts also.
I know how to get to 197cfm/198cfm under .500" of lift, proven that a few times. My own heads and two customers heads now.
New configuration will be tested on a yearly certified, Superflow 600 bench.

Will be a little while, while I finish the reshaping.
Stay tuned.


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Re: Shooting for 200

Post by PackardV8 » 25 Jun 2019, 15:57

Yes, Mike knows how and is still learning to make the Studebaker head flow better.

The next step is finding the ideal intake manifold to complement this 200 CFM head flow. I know from dyno testing using the OEM Stude iron intake will absolutely negate the potential of Mike's great porting work.

Testing the heads with intake installed is time-consuming, but it's imperative if we're going to actually make best use of 200 CFM heads.

jack vines

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