REAL bad news...

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REAL bad news...

Post by Sonny » 11 May 2010, 17:12

From Ted, who found it on the Buick website...

"Today, 10:47 AM
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The End


Dear Pure Stock Participants and Fans.
After considerable thought, we have come to the difficult decision to terminate the race after the 2010 event. Our decision was not based on any one person or event, but a multitude of issues that have challenged us for the past several years. Despite all our efforts to try to resolve these issues fairly, we discover that they just get worse. It is unfortunate that a number of cars are built outside the spirit of the event, even after talking directly with those involved. Our wishes fall on deaf ears. This race has lasted sixteen years now, far longer than any other race, and far longer than we ever expected. However, the end had to come sooner or later. We are tired of all the bickering, finger pointing, and name calling. And tired of the rules being pushed to their elastic limits, and interpreted for ones own personal gain. This event used to be fun, even for the both of us! Well, a few overly competitive minority has spoiled it for the grass roots majority. It is with deep regret that we've come to this conclusion, but we are not happy with the race in it's current form, and we don't see any way of fixing it without making major rule changes. We thank all of you for your long time support over the years, and especially to those of you who came for all the right reasons. You know who you are.

Bob Boden
Dan Jensen"

There goes ALL the fun... Chitt... :( :evil:

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Re: REAL bad news...

Post by mbstude » 11 May 2010, 19:33

As sad as this is, maybe now Ted can find the time to finish the Avanti. :D
Matthew Burnette

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Re: REAL bad news...

Post by Bob Palma » 11 May 2010, 22:26

:( Here's a link to the Buick Site. I posted remarks to Dan and Bob among the replies: ... ost1640923

Sad indeed...but not unexpected, per the troubles they've been having with rules stretching. Both Dan Jensen and Bob Boden are decent, gentle guys; it is not within their personalities to throw people out of the event even if said folks deserve it. BP
Bob Palma
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Re: REAL bad news...

Post by sbca96 » 12 May 2010, 12:13

"All good things must come to an end".


PS: They are cancelling it because they think the Studebakers are cheating!
How else could a Stude beat a Chevy? :wink:
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Re: REAL bad news...

Post by 41Frank » 12 May 2010, 21:37

Its too bad this had to happen. :cry: Let's hope someone picks up on this and continues it somewhere else.

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