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We will be very happy to list ANY Studebaker related event here for free. Please just send e-mail via the Feedback Form with your contact information and we'll get your schedule posted here as soon as we have it. 

General automotive events can be listed here for a nominal deal. 

Thanks in advance.


Many thanks to Joe Roberts for this important information:

I will pass on the 2004 dates for the East Coast Timing Association. These land speed events take place in Maxton, North Carolina at the Lauringburg-Maxton Airport. This is a standing mile course with almost a mile total shutdown.
March 27 & 28
April 24 & 25
May 29 & 30
June 26 & 27
Sept. 25 & 26
Oct, 30 & 31

A few non-Stude powered S
tudes have competed here. Jim Davis has competed with his Avanti II. Several years ago a few Studebaker owners brought their stock Studes down to run. But overall very few Studebakers run at Maxton. It would be nice to hear Studebaker motors run at Maxton. Before people just haul their machines to Maxton, they should check in with the officials to be sure they are prepared from the technical point of view. Most such rules, including classes, are very similar to those run by the SCTA at Bonneville. Although there are a few differences.

Contact the following:
ECTA Website ---
John Beckett - jbeckett@ecta-lsr.com - (910) 266-9868 ECTA President, Rules, Tech, Info, Membership
Joe Timney -
jtimney@ecta-lsr.com - (302) 378-3013 ECTA Timer, Technical Questions
Lionel Williams -
lwilliams@ecta-lsr.com - (404) 433-9306 Impound, Engine Seals, Technical & Event Questions, News Letter, Ad Placement

Click here for Iroquois (I) and Kinzua (K) Chapters of the Studebaker Drivers Club Schedule of events for 2004



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